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    Corporate Tax Center

    Business Tax Preparation

    We prepare corporate returns : S and C Corporations, Partnerships, Non-profit and for the Clergy

    K-1 returns and dividends statements

    We can arrange for pickup or delivery of your documents

    mail or fax them to us or visit us at our office

    One of our Accountants will be happy to help

    To provide you with some guidance and information .

    We have available a handy tax organizer to fill out, fax or upload to our website.

    We take our job seriously .

    We sign all of our clients' returns taking our preparers responsibilities

    seriously above and beyond what is expected of us by law. Having a friend,

    family member or any person prepare your returns without signing makes

    you totally liable for the preparation. Use only IRS approved e filers such

    as us to prepare your tax returns . Please also refer to our privacy statement

    for more information. Of course as a Taxpayer you should provide us with

    accurate and truthful information to properly prepare your returns.

    If you discover at a later date that you had ommited vital information

    please let us know and we will be happy to file an amended return.

    Please see our record and retention policy information regarding

    documents retention.



    Tax Preparation should be done well before December .

    By making some savy tax strategies you could prevent over paying

    your correct amount of tax


    S Corporation means savings for small companies

    Many small and midzized companies are missing out on this potential tax savings.

    This is NOT a state registration . It was implemented by the

    Congress enabling small businesses to pass through their losses and

    profit via their personal return , hence taxing advantage

    of personal exemptions and deductions.

    The IRS is taking a keen view of s-corporations ,

    we have provided some audit triggers information .



    For the selfemployed we prepare sch c along with self employment tax

    Sales Tax Preparation

    Quartely sales tax returns are prepared and filed to the various state agencies .

    We calculate sales and use taxes, populate tax forms, and transfer monies to state

    and local authorities using ATP's proven system

    941 , 940 and State un employment tax preparation

    Weekly monthly, quarterly or yearly statutory deposits and returns are filed for your company.


    Get in touch!

    Corporate Office 5060 W Colonial Dr, Ste 113, Orlando FL 32808

    Telephone: (407) 522-4480

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    pictureConvenient Services by: John S.,

    Filing Deadlines

    Corporations March 15

    Partnership April 15

    Personal Returns April 15


    Corporate Returns September 15

    Partneship September 15

    Personal returns Oct 15

    Note Filing an extension for personal taxes does not extend time to pay taxes are due , interest and penalties stil accrue.

    Non filing

    IRS will file a subsitute for returns and asses tax , penalities and interest after non filing for 3 years, if taxes are due

    No refunds after 3 years for non filling of returns or after an amended return has been filed

    Have 2 years to claim for overpayment of taxes




    Payroll Administration

    Preparation & Distribution

    Customized Deposit Options

    Payroll Accural and Tracking

    Payroll Record Keeping


    W-2 processing

    Online access to payroll statements


    IRS Representation

    We provide elctronic account resolution with the IRS for:

    Penalty Information/Computation

    Mixed Entity Period

    Misapplied payment/Credit Transfer

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