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    We service all sectors of the economy ; some of our clients include

    the building trade, sofware services, real estate,mary kay contractors,

    retail store, graphics , mortgage companies, medical offices,

    tutoring companies,private educational facilities, ministers and consulting f

    irms to name a few.

    These include full service:

    General and Forensic Accounting


    Account setup , income and expenditure input formatted for tax preparation,

    bank reconcilation monthly including credit cards and loan accounts ,

    depreciation schedules, county and state worksheets and financial statements.

    We also provide forensic accounting for IRS audits and legal cases.

    Value of Accounting in Business

    Decision making tool

    A common miaconception in the business world is that accounting is usefu

    l only for preparing and filing tax returns . FALSE. Accounting is a useful

    tool not only for preparing income tax but as a very valuable planning and

    decision making tool. It provides valuable information that mamangement needs

    to make timely decisions ; to expand the business or contract, to purchase assets or not,

    to be viable in that industry and match or exceed the competition and asses

    the credit worthiness of the business or its profitablity.

    Borrowing or raising capital

    Banks, investors and potential shareholders common tool for assessing

    the credit worthiness or a business is its profit amd loss statement and b

    alance sheet. With these statements they can asses the liquidity and

    profitablity of your business.


    Accounting Packages

    Basic Accounting for small company - staff of 1-2

    Gold Accounting for small company staff 3-10

    Premier Accounting midsize company 11 and above

    Premier Plus Accounting for a company that wants full package w

    hich include accounting and payroll with volume transactions monthly

    Please call for a quote for your business



    Self employed year end 1099 vendors statements and we e file

    your information to the Internal Revenue Services.


    Selfemployed or sole proprietorship accounting

    Our accounting will be geared towards preparing timely

    information for the owner


    Sales and Use Tax Preparation

    Quartely or monthly sales tax returns are prepared and filed to the various state agencies



    Get in touch!

    Corporate Office 5052 W Colonial Drive, Orlando FL 32808

    Telephone: (407) 522-4480)

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    latest business news twitter.com/atpbs


    pictureConvenient Services by: John S.,

    Ability to view your statements online via secure web page

    Monthly or quartely statements

    Upload files to us

    Download documents from us

    We can pickup or deliver your information

    Our staff will work with you year round to meet and exceed your accounting needs.

    Integrate other business fuunctions (payroll and taxes ) to reduce duplication of tasks.

    Asset Depreciation Purchase, Disposal and Depreciation Schedules for IRS reporting and business analysis



    Payroll Administration

    Preparation & Distribution

    Customized Deposit Options

    Payroll Accural and Tracking

    Payroll Record Keeping


    W-2 processing

    Online access to payroll statements


    IRS Representation

    We provide elctronic account resolution with the IRS for:

    Penalty Information/Computation

    Mixed Entity Period

    Misapplied payment/Credit Transfer

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