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    Payroll Administration

    Our payroll services are geared towards small and midsize companies

    ATP Business Solutions experienced and efficient Payroll Team relieves you

    of the burden of processing payroll and handling all of the other tasks associated

    with payroll administration and applying payroll tax laws.

    ATP will ensure your business is in compliance and will manage the

    entire payroll tax filing process so you can focus on what you do best

    We do :


    • Federal & State Electronic filing
    • Monthly or Quarterly Tax Reports
    • Paychecks - weekly , biweekly , monthly
    • Insurance Payments
    • New Hire reporting

      Workers Compensation Insurance

    • Employee Social Security verification

    • No need to be in office to sign paychecks

    • We offer wage payment from our account : ATP Checks

    • Direct Deposit with option to split their wage payment.

    • Regular payroll checks from your account.

    • Electronic payments of weekly , monthly or quartely deposits
    • Electronic Filing of quarterly and annual payroll reports



    We offer E filing services to file online your quarterly and yearly

    returns to the Internal Revenue Services

    and to participating states .

    EFTPS available to make monthly

    or quarterly payroll deposits online.


    No holding of your funds unnecessarily

    , we make your statutory payments

    ontime BUT never before they are due

    avoiding tying up vital cash





    941 , 940 and State un employment tax preparation

    Weekly monthly, quarterly or yearly statutory deposits and returns are filed for your company.


    Get in touch!

    Corporate Office 5052 W Colonial Drive, Orlando FLorida 32808

    Telephone: (407) 522-4480

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    pictureAccurate Service I used one the largest payroll company online service to prepare my company's payroll. I soon discovered that entering time and amount does not make me a payroll expert. ATP redid my payroll and amended my returns saving me thousands of dollars and their montly fees were much less than me doing it online Michael C.,J Day Care Florida


    • Payroll Administration

      Preparation & Distribution

      Customized Deposit Options

      Payroll Accural and Tracking

      Payroll Record Keeping


      W-2 processing

      Online access to payroll statements

    • Payroll Myths

      1. An active corpprate officer is exempt from statutory payments .

      2. My child's wages does not need to have statutory payment taken

      3. I am a small buisness I do not need to report w2 income for employees I can give 1099

      For answers to these and other payroll question please give us a call at (407) 522 4480 # 21

    • Do it yourself payroll

      Cost for software $299-$1200

      Yearly service $199- $350 for 3 employee payroll

      Costly payroll mistake - ????

      Late filing - penalties and interest by state and IRS ??

      ATP Payroll

      You will find that it will cost less to have us prepare your payroll and file quarterly reports. Call for a free no obligation payroll quote

      Look for a stable payroll provider

      If a firm's only business is payroll, make sure to check the number of clients it supports and look for payroll service providers who have been in business for some time. However this does not necessarily translate into “the more clients the better.” The large national payroll providers have a large clients base , but from an historically perspective they are known to rank much lower in customer satisfaction surveys, due primarily to the fact they are so large that the do NOT provide that extra “personal touch” that most business owners require and often need.


    IRS Representation

    We provide elctronic account resolution with the IRS for:

    Penalty Information/Computation

    Mixed Entity Period

    Misapplied payment/Credit Transfer

    View client transcript online