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    Software and Business Training

    Staff Training

    The work environment is changing and your business needs to keep abreast.

    We provide in house training for your staff on:
    Office Etiquette including Dress Codes, preventing Sexual Harassment in the workplace or other topics that will be of interest to you. Prevent workplace problems now

    Sofware Training

    Software training on QuickBooks , Microsoft Office Excel , Word and Powerpoint.
    We are a certified QuickBooks user , with flexiablity to train at our location ,yours, or via the internet.

    Support provided per customer request . Our customers love the support we provide.
    We have a team of highly trained staff , experienced degree teachers with years of teaching to guide you expertly through


    Management Training

    Booast the moral at your work place, motivate workers and increase productivity by having your managers attend our workshops

    Generally owners have to (a) know everything (b) keep up with everything (c) do nearly eveything themselves. It is not just the lack of knowledge or experience that can be a limiting factor, but also the available time to be effective in doing what needs to be done. We give practical training that works



    Basic Accounting for Owners

    Know how to evaluate your business profitability read your financial statements

    Organize reports to meet banks standard for business loans
    Motivating and retaining staff while increasing productivity


    BBusiness start up

    We offer complete business start up package

    Including corporate and s corporation filings, EIN number request , online electronic registeration to pay taxes: all to get you started.

    Business consulting every step of the way. We are here for you



    Get in touch!

    Corporate Office 5052 W Colonial Drive, Orlando FL 32808

    Telephone: (407) 522-4480

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    latest business news twitter.com/atpbs


    pictureConvenient Services by: John S.,

    • Start your business without headaches

    • Have the most suitable entity structure for your operation

    • All services done by one person and we keep copies if you should lose yours.

    • Have the experienced to guide you.

    • Prevent common start up problems with the IRS



    Payroll Administration

    Preparation & Distribution

    Customized Deposit Options

    Payroll Accural and Tracking

    Payroll Record Keeping


    W-2 processing

    Online access to payroll statements


    IRS Representationamended returns

    We provide elctronic account resolution with the IRS for:

    Penalty Information/Computation

    Mixed Entity Period

    Misapplied payment/Credit Transfer

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