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    Sole Proprietor Income Tax Preparation


    Sole Proprietor tax preparation service

    We prepare tax return in all states for the sole proprietor,along with accompanying schedules. If you owe taxes in previous years you are required to make quarterly estimated tax payments.

    Losses and profits from your business flows through your personal return. If you make a profit you will need to pay 15% unemployment tax.

    We also prepare yearly 1099 statements for independent contractors. All business are required to file 1099 and 1096 statements with the IRS for any individuals or memebers of the legal professsion to which $600 or more was paid . Failing to do do could result in the deduction being disallowed by the IRS.

    IRS Representation

    We provide elctronic account resolution with the IRS for:

    Penalty Information/Computation

    Mixed Entity Period

    Misapplied payment/Credit Transfer

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    Telephone: (407) 522-4480)

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    pictureQualified & Experienced Co. - I went to several accountants who never took the time to ensure my tax returns were filed properly. ATP took the time to correct all the problems I had, reconciled previous years accounts and cleared my tax problems with the IRS by: L Shakespare

    • Start your business without headaches

    • Have the most suitable entity structure for your operation

    • All services done by one person and we keep copies if you should lose yours.

    • Have the experienced to guide you.

    • Prevent common start up problems with the IRS